Mountains 101

To play the geography quiz click the orange bar that says Start Game. Then the first question will appear above the map and the orange bar will start counting down. Click on the area of the map that you think is the answer. If you do not see the answer on the map you can zoom in using the zoom control or by double clicking. The answer will appear after you click along with where you clicked. To continue click next location, continue until the geographic quiz is complete and all of the answers appear.

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Mount Everest
Columbia Icefield
New Guinea Highlands
White Mountains
Columbia Glacier
Vernagtferner Glacier
Puy-de-Dôme Mountain
Saint Elias Mountains
Mount Chacaltaya
Sweetgrass Hills
Mont Blanc
Mount Kilimanjaro
Canadian Rockies
Nile River
Australian Alps
European Alps
Mount Kenya
Baffin Mountains
Tibetan Plateau
Scottish Highlands
Bow River
Alsek River
Colorado River
Lowell Glacier
Nepal-China Friendship Highway
Sierra Nevada Mountains
American Rockies
Mount Logan
Ethiopian highlands
Coast Mountains
Amazon River
Rhine River
Swiss Alps
Mount Kinabalu
Mekong River
Mount Fuji
Mount Kilimanjaro
Catskills Mountains
Khumbu Valley
Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Mount Evans
South American Andes
The Indus River
Snow Dome
Grand Teton
Mauna Kea
Transantarctic Mountains
Virunga Mountains
Mount Etna
Karakorum Range
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