Contemporary World Geography

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To play the geography quiz click the orange bar that says Start Game. Then the first question will appear above the map and the orange bar will start counting down. Click on the area of the map that you think is the answer. If you do not see the answer on the map you can zoom in using the zoom control or by double clicking. The answer will appear after you click along with where you clicked. To continue click next location, continue until the geographic quiz is complete and all of the answers appear.

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Where's Libya
Where's Singapore
Where's China
Where's Cuba
Where's USA
Where's Ethopia
Where's Italy
Where's The United Kingdom
Where's South Korea
Where's Australia
Where's Germany
Where's Peru
Where's Saudi Arabia
Where's Vietnam
Where's Iran
Where's South Africa
Where's Egypt
Where's Iraq
Where's Turkey
Where's Argentia
Where's Mongolia
Where's Japan
Where's Brazil
Where's France
Where's India
Where's Afghanistan
Where's Mexico
Where's Sudan
Where's Thailand
Where's Taiwan
Where's Canada?
Where's New Zealand
Where's Pakistan
Where's North Korea
Where's Greenland
Where's Iceland
Where's Greece
Where's Nigeria
Where's Indonesia
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